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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Wi-Fi service available?

AmtrakConnect Wi-Fi is available on all Amtrak Cascades trains.

What kind of Internet speed can I expect?

Our mobile Wi-Fi network relies on bandwidth provided by cellular carriers who have towers along our routes. The bandwidth available from these towers is limited and our speeds may not match what you are used to receiving from stationary Wi-Fi networks. Engaging in web activities that use large amounts of bandwidth will negatively affect the online experience of other passengers. When using our network, please keep this in mind and be respectful of your fellow passengers.

Are there any restrictions?

To maximize the amount of onboard bandwidth available to all passengers, AmtrakConnect blocks access to streaming media and limits file downloads to 10MB. To prepare for this restriction, we recommend passengers download any necessary large files prior to boarding the train. In addition, this network restricts access to websites with objectionable content. If you feel a website has been incorrectly blocked, or have general comments about the service, please contact us.

Will my VPN (Virtual Private Network) be supported?

AmtrakConnect supports VPNs only on-board Amtrak Cascades trains. VPNs will not be supported on other trains.

I am having trouble connecting. Who can I contact?

AmtrakConnect does not offer technical support for passengers experiencing difficulty with the network. If you feel there has been a network outage, please report this to the onboard staff. While our Conductors are unable to troubleshoot your connectivity issues, they can report the possibility of an onboard outage to an offsite monitoring service.

How do I know when you’ve added Wi-Fi to any additional trains or stations?

For the most up-to-date information regarding AmtrakConnect Wi-Fi service, including the latest list of routes and stations equipped with our Wi-Fi, please visit


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